About Me

Divine Women Institute owner, Suni Taylor is a consultant and online business strategist who has worked in the marketing industry for more than 10 years. In these years of meticulous work, she gained valuable experience and skills engaging with executives and various marketing companies specializing in a wide range of products.Drawing from the skills acquired while working for different executives and marketing firms, Suni has utilized the knowledge and skills to start and run her own businesses that have done exceptionally well.

Suni is particularly keen on using the internet to help businesses grow. Success at using social media to promote various ventures has made her an online marketing force. Due to unlimited potential that new technology has to facilitate business growth, she shares her internet marketing experience through coaching like-minded women who wish to exploit the opportunities that the internet has to offer business owners. The approach she takes is a holistic step by step method of learning to break down the process of owning a business to an enjoyable practical learning experience. It is the belief that every business can establish an internet presence and benefit hugely from it this is what drives her to seek out and train entrepreneurs on the best ways to maximize their business’ potential.

Today,  she specializes in teaching solopreneurs how to run and manage their own online businesses which supports the lifestyle that they desire.

My Personal Story – How I Overcame the Struggles of Starting a Business

Many years ago when I first started an online business, I struggled.  I can still recall my first day as a business owner; I was lost as to what to do and from where to begin.

I had already taken a huge risk; you see, I left a full-time marketing job with health insurance and other benefits in pursuit of my dream to own a business.

Somewhere along this journey, I got stuck and was unable to move forward.

I had no idea what I was doing and trying to figure it out was a daunting task that scared the hell out of me. Not to mention the fears that came rushing in: fears of not being successful, not making enough money, feelings of being a failure and fears of being inauthentic in what I was doing and everything becoming a total flop. It left me feeling like it was all a setup dead on arrival, and maybe, just maybe ….  I shouldn’t have left my marketing job.

To conquer these fears, I decided to engage myself with whatever kept me busy, I could ease off and portray an illusion that everything was working fine. I reassured myself that if I was indeed busy, then by all means I was doing something and I wasn’t lazy.

I had no actual plan or direction, so I just handled whatever came.

There was a lot to be done, and I thought I needed to handle them all at the same time: You can imagine the outcome of such approach. After all these efforts, I still had very little to show for it. Honestly, it all seemed like wasted efforts, time and resources, leaving me frustrated and hopeless. I lost my social life and health; in fact everything that gave me pleasure was gone. Failure oozed out of me most of the time. I wasn’t making sales; my customer base was nothing to boast about. I was constantly keeping score at how I was doing and it was always pathetically low. I was humiliated and in profound judgment of myself – I knew this wasn’t anything near my dream.

This chaotic pace with no results and living in fear went on for so long, until I hit rock bottom. I learned in these difficult times self-sabotaging myself is what was keeping me stuck.  I was consumed with powerful fears from within. My biggest fear was that I felt I didn’t possess the innate potentials for entrepreneurship, I felt if I pushed a bit further, I might appear too pushy, desperate or even fake.

The turning point for me was finally facing my fears. Recognizing my fears exposed the various ways I was limiting myself; introducing me to a whole new pattern of thinking and acting.

I created clear techniques for myself that focused on what I needed and wanted to accomplish. Doing this allowed me to strategize and develop a successful marketing game plan that felt authentic and in integrity for myself. I taught myself how to fit everything in my life into my busy schedule and to finally come to face with and progress all the way through my fears of failure and insufficiency so that I could justly love myself and have self-confidence in my life and in the work I do.

I share this because I sincerely believe, if I am capable of creating all of this, that you can too.

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