Finding Your Sales Hook for the Holidays


Holiday sales are one of the most important times of the year for retailers, businesses and even service providers. Many retailers will do more sales in just one week than they do the entire rest of the year. Increasing your sales by just 20% during just this one week could make an enormous impact on […]

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Running a Successful End of Year Closeout Sale

If you have leftover products, or if you have products or services that you don’t plan on offering again next year, an end of year closeout sale is a fantastic way to bring in instant revenue as well as get rid of inventory. You can generate a lot of excitement around your business while preparing […]

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Rewarding Your Team: Year-End Bonuses and More


Did you know that almost 30% of small businesses offer year-end bonuses? In larger companies, this number is much higher. Offering year-end bonuses is a great way to boost not just year-end morale, but also effort throughout the year. Employees who know that a big bonus check might be coming at the end of the […]

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Taking Inventory of Your Stock

Female Sales Assistant At Checkout Of Clothing Store

Inventory control is an essential part of running a profitable business. If you don’t know what inventory you have, you can’t anticipate demand. You won’t know if employee theft is happening and you’ll have trouble getting the maximum depreciation deductions on your taxes. There are many, many reasons to take stock of your inventory on […]

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