Just for You: Subject Line Swipe File Template

Feel free to use this handy swipe file template. This is my gift to you for being an amazing friend.  If you like this template, you will also like the templates, forms etc., in my Business Booster Done-4-You content to help you grow your business by saving you time.

The subject line is a crucial part of your email campaign. If your subject line doesn’t capture interest or curiosity, your email doesn’t get opened. And if nobody opens your email, we don’t have to tell you what happens then. 

Your Subject Line’s Purpose

The only job your email headline or subject line has is to get someone to open your email. The subject line isn’t supposed to sell them on a product or to give them deep insight into a topic. All it should do is get them to OPEN the email. Your actual email message will take over once the email is opened.

Subject Line Templates 

Curiosity is often key for subject lines. Unlike blog posts where you will likely more frequently combine description and curiosity, emails that are strictly about curiosity can produce very good open. Of course, the key is to still be relevant and subject lines shouldn’t trick or confuse your readers.

NOTE: Where most headlines are generally capitalized (first letter of each word) the whole way through, creating a more natural email subject line (as a friend would write to a friend) often works wonders on open rates in curiosity-type subject lines. 

You can use the following in your own emails. Just fill in the ___________ with your topic, etc. 

  1. This is what I’ve been talking about…
  2. Why they’re wrong about ____________
  3. It’s just about that time
  4. This is the reason why…
  5. Frustrated by _________? Here’s an idea
  6. A complete and unbiased review
  7. I’ve had enough!
  8. A sneak peek at __________
  9. Must-have freebie
  10. Why some people never ___________
  11. What ________doesn’t tell you about ________
  12. For ________ only     [insert a particular audience: “women”, “those who want to improve their backhand”] 
  13. [NAME], did you see this? 
  14. Does this bother you too? 
  15. Are you ready for ___________? 
  16. What if I told you __________ 
  17. There’s still time (but only if you do it now) 
  18. 5 important ways to __________ 
  19. Good news!
  20. Do you have a few minutes?
  21. Pictures from [insert your name, company name, event, etc]
  22. ______ ends tonight
  23. Just ____ more hours
  24. Can I ask you a quick favor?
  25. Here’s the __________ we promised
  26. How to get more [insert benefit]
  27. End of the week wrap up (Good stuff inside)
  28. You get to see this first     [Use this one for a special offer you give your customers, before everyone else, for example]
  29. I found it…finally!
  30. Think about [buying a certain product, taking a certain course of action], check this out

Overall, the key is to test things out. In addition to testing open rates, test the overall success of a campaign. Because while high open rates are good, if people aren’t taking action on the offers, you may need to do more tweaking.

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