Creating a Continuous Flow in Your Business

2-women-cheeringToday, consumers are more educated than ever. They also access information in various ways from their mobile device and their PCs. If you want to keep your customers as well as attract new customers, it’s important to think about each customer’s experience so that you can create a positive experience from end to end.

It should not matter how your customers access your information; they should get the same experience. Naturally, it will have to be a little different on each device in order to fit the screen space, but what is offered should be the same content and the same functionality. It should have the same look and feel regardless of the device the customer is using.

* Offer the Same Content – No matter which device your customer views the information you provide on, they should be able to access it and see the same content. Although different aspects may be highlighted, based on the device, the user should have a good experience on any device.

* Use the Same Colors – Don’t mix up your brand with changing colors or logos for new devices. The look and feel of your website, while the layout might be different due to screen space, should be very much the same.

* Optimize for Each Device – On one device you might optimize a different area that is easier to use via that particular device, provided that it doesn’t take away from the experience. Perhaps when reading your report on a smartphone, the images are on a single page rather than so small that you cannot even view them.

* User Friendly Design – No matter which device your audience is viewing your material on, the design needs to put the user first and foremost. What you want your audience to know doesn’t matter as much as what they want to know.

* Consider Scrolling instead of Clicking – Clicking on a smartphone can be a very different experience than on a PC. If you can instead create everything on one continuous page, so that to see the “next page” on the smartphone requires only scrolling (and on the website it can be via a click or scrolling), you can make reading more a lot easier for your audience.

* Keep the Search Bar Consistent – Keep the search bar in the same place on each device. If it’s at the top on a PC, keep it at the top on the mobile device. This consistency keeps your audience understanding how to use the site to find the information they want.

* Make Recommendations – Never be afraid to make recommendations to your audience for more content that they might find interesting. Famous websites like Netflix and Amazon do this very successfully, and you can too.

* Recommend Other Devices – Not only can you recommend other content that you’ve created, you can also recommend other devices and apps that you offer to help your audience member access more information from you.

Your users should have an excellent experience regardless of which device they access your services on. It shouldn’t make a difference to their experience and the positive feeling they get when using your services or viewing your products.

They should also be able to switch from one device to another as seamlessly as possible. For example, your customer might be on the train looking at your products, then come home and get on their PC; due to signing in and out they should be able to access the last thing they saw or page they were on without interruption.

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