Tips for Any Holiday Seasonal Marketing

woman shoppingWhen we think of seasonal marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas, naturally. In the United States at least, we’re conditioned from the time we’re children that Christmas = shopping, so what better way to take advantage of that as a business owner than to offer sales and specials to commemorate the season?

Of course, Christmas isn’t the only holiday you can add to your marketing calendar. American’s love holidays, and just about every month of the year provides another opportunity for a promotion. Consider adding some of these annual celebrations to your own marketing plan:

•New Year’s Day – Perfect for anyone in a weight-loss centered niche
•Valentine’s Day – If you’re selling wine, chocolates, or romantic vacations, this one is for you!
•St. Patrick’s Day – Anything green is a fit here.
•Easter – A time of rebirth and renewal, so clear out the old stock and make room for the new.
•Memorial Day – Remember the heroes of history with special prices just for those in the armed forces and their families.
•Independence Day – For retailers, why not host a fun sale with discounts based on the color of items?
•Labor Day – If you cater to the work at home crowd, this holiday is a perfect fit!
•Sweetest’s Day – A great day for direct sellers of candles, holiday cards, and other sweets.
•Halloween – Ebay sellers make a killing on this frightful holiday!
•Thanksgiving – Now is the time to roll out those fantastic Christmas bargains, regardless of your niche!

You can see that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to holiday specials. Heck, you could even make up your own “There is no holiday this month we just wanted to have a sale” sale! And of course, we realize that not everyone lives in the US, but wherever you are, there are annual holidays you can (and should!) be taking advantage of in your marketing plans.

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