Kindle Books Can Bring You Profits Beyond Just Sales

kindle booksKindle books are an awesome way to create an additional stream of passive income. You can earn money on each book that you publish, and you can bring in more profits beyond sales based on what you put inside the book. Use every page of your book to promote your business and products in some way.

Provide Links to Your Products

Within your eBook provide links to your products. Ensure that people can write down the link if they aren’t using a Kindle Fire. You can provide a list of links in the appendix of your book if you don’t want to make the inside of the book look ugly with plain links. But, these links will help you make more sales because when your reader likes what you have to say, feels trust in you, and wants to find out more right now, giving them that option is essential.

Give Buyers a Bonus

An eBook is a great way to bring in new audience members and offering buyers of your book a bonus, especially one they don’t know they’ll get until after they open the book to read it, is even better. Give them a link, a phone number, an email address, a form or somewhere they can sign up with a code to get the bonus from you for buying the book. You accomplish three things here: You build trust, solidify the connection, and make the connection two ways.

Give Your Book Away

That’s right, offering free Kindle books as an incentive or as simply a new way to attract people into your product funnel is a great use of Kindle eBooks. Write short eBooks, what you may have called a “report” before, then promote the heck out of it during a free time period. As long as the inside of the book is well written, tells about you, and provides new ways to connect even a free Kindle book will produce profits for you long after publishing it.

Invite Readers to Join You

Do you often go to live events or have webinars? If so, invite your reader to join you in by clicking the link (provide the link too for those without the right type of Kindle Reader) to find out where you’ll be next. This is a good way to draw readers into other products and services that you offer.

The more ways in which you can find to connect with your reader outside of the book, the more money you will earn. Every customer has a lifetime earning value, and it’s important for you to keep that in mind with every product, service and book that you create. Understanding how everything is connected will help you increase your bottom line exponentially.

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