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Are you spending too much valuable time creating the forms and
systems that you need for your business?

How much time do you spend creating your own press releases, formatting spreadsheets, or crafting rate increase letters. maybe you’ve been lucky enough to find some forms online, but how long did it take you to customize them?

FINALLY! Everything you need to work with clients, market your business, organize your office, and train your team is here, condensed into easy-to-use and well-organized files.

there are over 200 business forms, marketing pieces, client agreements, templates, worksheets, checklists, user guides, training aides, how-to illustrations and sample letters to choose from included in these collections.

The templates are created in MS Office (and Adobe if noted) and are completely customizable – you can quickly and easily add your own logo and branding for personal use. The user guides are in PDF format, ready for quick downloading and usability.

Business Building Boosters ready for immediate download and
use in your business.

Buy only the collections you need, or buy them all – it’s your choice.

Business Setup & Working with Clients Pack

Company Profile Sheet
Website Listing Form
Products and Services Listing Form
Affiliate Programs I Belong to Form
Product and Affiliate Programs Form
Business Associates Sheet
Annual Cash Journal Overview
Services Compilation Sheet
Business Backup Details
Emergency Exit Strategy
Sample Operating Procedures Manual
Cancellation Recovery Letter
Failed Payment Letter
Letter Getting Back Old Clients
Letter requesting referrals
Termination Letter
Accountability Checklist
Business Overview Worksheet
Client Invoice Sample
Business Goals and Action Plan Template
High Impact Questionnaire Worksheet
Monthly Review Form
Payment Arrangement Form
Root Cause Analysis Worksheet
Self-Assessment Worksheet
SWOT Matrix
Client Welcome Letter
Target Market/USP Worksheet
New Product/Service Worksheet
*Business Kit (Business plan workbook, business setup blueprint, business plan template, checklist, sample contact emails, sample direct mail letter, and sample direct mail marketing pieces)


Marketing Pieces Template Pack

Press Release Topics & Instructions
Using HARO & PR Web Guides
PR Distribution List Template & Distribution Sites
Content Syndication Sites
Media Follow-up
Advertiser Media Kit Template
52 Press Release Ideas Sheet
Sales Page Graphics (tons!) JPGs & GIFs (this graphics package is well worth $40 by itself)
Email Marketing Checklist
List Building Checklist
Subject & Headline Swipe Files (cheat sheet)
Power Words Swipe File
Copy Editing Checklist
CopyWriting Glossary
Kindle Publishing Template & Checklist
How to Use Local Events for Marketing Workbook
How to Create a Podcast & Equipment Used
Print On Demand Usage Guides (Blurb, CafePress, Kunaki, & Lulu)
Press Release Kit (press releases for the following:  blank release, new business, book launch, speaking events, new product/service, goodwill)*Case Study Templates (general case study, how-to template, myth-buster template, product comparison, product review template, recipe template, resource list template, tips list template)


Organization, Financials & Proposals Template Pack

And Home & Personal Organizing Forms as well….

Business Planning Guide
Business Goals Worksheet
Affiliate Planning Sheet
Autoresponder Planning Sheet
Blog Post Planning
Daily Planning
New Product Plan Sheet
New Product/Service Worksheet
One Minute Goal Setting
Promo Calendar
Promotion Plan Sheet
Weekly Planning
45 Pages of Various Calendering/Planning Sheets to suit ANY Need
Family List Package
Family Finance Package
Family Medical Package
Organizing Kids Activities & Responsibilities Planner
Pet Care Planner
Travel Planner


How-To’s, Instructionals & Training Aides

A huge collection of fully-illustrated training sheets you can use, customize or give directly to your helpers including common business tasks like using different web development tools, blogging formats, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber, cPanel, Outlook, Gmail etc. (View a complete file list here)


Webinar Creation & Forms Bundle

Everything you need to create a webinar/teleseminar to grow your business.

 How to Host Successful Money Making Webinars – Workbook and Checklist
Webinar Comparison Chart (Instant Teleseminar, FreeConference, GotoMeeeting, Adobe Connect)
“How-To” Fully Illustrated User Guides (Instant Teleseminar, FreeConference, GotoMeeeting, Adobe Connect)
Webinar Promotions Page
Final Event Preparation Checklist
Mailing List/Autoresponder Checklist
Webinar Promotions Ideas Sheet
Webinar Agenda Script Handout
Agenda for Assigning Work to Contractors
Your Assistant Checklist
Checklist for Locating Guest Speakers
Invitation to Guest on Your Webinar – Template
Potential Guest Follow-up Script
Press Release Template
Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post
Sample Facebook & Twitter Posts/Ideas
Template for Creating a Guest Handout
Webinar Email Announcement Script
Webinar Thank You Email Script


Social Media Mega Bundle

This Mega Bundle has everything you need to get started with social media! These “getting started” guides are best for those looking for step-by-step illustrated tutorials and include the following social media tools.

Facebook – Getting Started
Facebook Places
Facebook Social Plug-ins (ex: How to Add an Activity Feed)
Advanced Facebook Social Plug-ins (ex: How to Add Livestream and Create an App)
Google Plus
Pinning With Purpose – Beyond the Basics of Pinterest
Pinterest – Creative Uses and Copyright Concerns
Twitter Promotion
Twitter Widgets
Social Media Profiles – Part 1: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+
Social Media Profiles – Part 2: LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning & YouTube
Social Media Profiles – Part 3: Foursquare, Meetup, StumbleUpon & Yelp
How to Create a Social Media Plan for Business
Twitter for Business Illustrated Guides
Battle of the Autoresponders – Part 1 & Part 2
Social Media Automation
Social Media Integration Tools
Instagram Tutorial (single tutorial)*Social Media Management Pack – Social Media Management Checklist, social Media Management Brainstorming Sheet, Social Media Activity Tracking Spreadsheet, Sample Done-for-You Social Media Marketing Plan, and a 15-page “Best Tools to Measure Social Media ROI” workbook.*40 Internet Marketing Mistakes (covering the following topics…List Building, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pay Per Click, Business Conference, Video Marketing, Google Adsense, Content Marketing, SEO and Affiliate Management)



Purchase ALL templates, forms, checklists,
users guides, training sheets — the whole kaboodle — 

Only $97

That’s over $175 worth of fabulous tools,  if purchased separately–  Together, it will only cost you $97.

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