Discover How to Easily Monitor, Manage, and Control YOUR Online Reputation, So You’ll Never Be Caught ‘Off Guard’ Again

It’s your business on the line – don’t let a malicious comment or misplaced complaint
damage your reputation forever…

Dear Small Business Owners Concerned with Future Growth:

ORMIt can happen in a heartbeat. One day you have a thriving business, and the next, you’re battling a nightmarish reputation problem that threatens to ruin everything.

And if you think that only happens to huge companies, think again. Small business owners are especially susceptible to the effects of negative reviews, stolen domain names, and even simple branding errors.

One well-known blogger nearly lost her business when someone managed to steal her domain name, and another online entrepreneur recently lost nearly $100,000 in sales when a hacker destroyed his website. Both of these business owners spent thousands in recovery costs, and countless hours managing the many rumors and social media stories about the incidents.

And it’s not just hackers you have to worry about. There’s also your public image, otherwise known as branding.

Your Brand is the Primary Way
Customers Identify With You

Branding-croppedYou’ve no doubt heard that before someone will buy a product or service, they have to “know, like, and trust you.” Well that starts with your branding. Consistency and a rock solid vision of what your brand means is critical here.

For example, if you want to be known for producing top-quality websites with stunning graphics and superb functionality, then it wouldn’t make sense to use a bland, seen-it-everywhere WordPress template for your own site, would it? Yet that’s exactly what many web designers do, and it’s hurting their reputation.

How can their potential customers trust them to create a beautiful website when it’s clear the designer doesn’t even care enough to take care of her own home on the web?

Here’s another example: Imagine you’re looking for a weight-loss coach. Who would you choose? The fit, healthy woman, or the one with more than a few pounds to lose? Obviously, if you’re looking for weight-loss advice, it makes sense to ask it of someone who clearly lives a healthy lifestyle. Her physique is part of her brand, and it’s one of the reasons you trust her to give you good advice.

“How Can I Know What MY Market Thinks of Me?”

That’s the big question, isn’t it? And there are so many factors that go into your brand reputation that it can seem nearly impossible to manage. Things like:

  • Social media conversations – yours or even someone else’s.
  • Photos of you, your family, your products.
  • Negative reviews of your business or products.
  • Positive reviews from less-than-upstanding sources.
  • Pirated copies of your digital products – especially if they’ve been altered.
  • Angry Tweets and Facebook updates from disgruntled customers.
  • Negative comments on your blog – or someone else’s.

With all that and more to worry about, it’s easy to see how you can quickly become overwhelmed, leading either to wasting hours of time dealing with it (bad) or ignoring the situation completely (worse).

But there are some easy methods that, when put into place and practiced regularly, can help you manage your online reputation in just minutes per day, and with a lot less stress than you ever though possible.

Online Reputation Management: How to Assess, 
Track and Monitor Your Online Reputation

7168289If you’ve ever experienced the devastating consequences of a reputation meltdown, then you know how critical it is to protect your brand online. Cleanup is costly and draining to your mental well-being, not to mention the damage it can do to your business’ future.

But if you have not (yet) fallen victim to a reputation disaster, then you’ll definitely want to check out this new training program. It’s designed to help you plan for problems, so that when they strike (and they will) you’re ready. You will have a solid plan in place for dealing not only with the damage to your reputation, but also with the people who caused it…even if that person is you.

Don’t make the mistake so many small business owners make in thinking that it can’t happen to them.

It can. And eventually, it will. Be prepared with this four-module course that covers everything you need to know to handle each situation with class and professionalism – and save some money along the way.

Here’s Just A Sampling Of What I’ll Walk You Through
IN DETAIL In This Training Course…

Module 1: Solidifying Your Brand

Why your personal brand is the critical first step toward reputation management
The four things that make up your personal brand – any they’re probably not what you think
Comprehensive worksheet to help you define your brand, because if you don’t know what it is, your customers won’t either.
5 ways to determine what the rest of the world thinks of your brand – don’t skip this step, it’s a real eye-opener!
How and where to create your personal brand profile. This will help you as your business grows.
How your prices effect your branding and your reputation
A 2-step plan to accurately determine your ideal pricing structure.

 Once you have a clear idea who you are and how much you want your market to perceive you, you’ll find it’s much easier to control the inevitable damage that can occur. We’ll cover that in the next module….


Module Two: Damage Control

Why removing damaging content may not be an option – and what to do instead
A 4-step plan for building a GOOD reputation – even if some negative talk exists
6 ways to ensure your site is at the top of the search results when someone Googles your name
Easy ways to clean up old, outdated social networking accounts you no longer use
3 places to add a business account, in addition to your personal information – including one that will help you rank better in search engines.
How to use your cell phone’s camera to build your brand online – and two places you absolutely must be uploading photos to
The hidden dangers of sharing snapshots online – and how to help ensure your images won’t be misappropriated
3 must do activities that will help catch new damage before it can spread
A 6-step approach to handling negative reviews and feedback online – follow this advice to the letter, and you’ll never have to worry about your reputation again
4 things you must NEVER do when confronted with reputation – damaging content from any source

Sometimes, the damage is completely out of your control, which is why it’s critical that you learn to deal with it after the fact. But sometimes, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, and in module 3 we’ll cover how you can prevent some reputation damage from ever happening.


Module 3: Security

10 critical steps you must take today to protect your online assets
2 tools that make security easier – and one of them is FREE
Why even the most trustworthy of VAs is a potential security brach – and what to do about it
How to secure your Gmail account against all hackers – it’s super easy, and all you need is a cell phone
The one-click solution that will prevent most hacking of your WordPress site – and the one thing most site owners don’t do
How a completely random event that is in no way your fault can ruin your business
5 “don’ts” for better password security – most people do all five!
The number one tool for faster disaster recovery
Two things you should be spending money on when it comes to your online security and that of your website
How to safely store login credentials (if you must) and two tips or creating uncrackable passwords

Scary? It can be, but luckily we’ve got some tools and resources you can use to monitor and manage your reputation going forward, so you’ll never have to worry about losing sales and even your business due to a security breach or disgruntled former customer.page_break

Module Four: Tools & Resources

Top 2 methods for keeping up with your online reputation – and they’re not just for “big” companies, despite what you might think
What to watch for when hiring a reputation management company
6 stellar applications that do the work for you – and 4 of them are FREE
Brand reputation do’s and don’ts that will help ensure a solid reputation both online and off
Why deleting anything is a bad idea (even that drunken tweet) and what to do instead
What you might not consider when monitoring your own brand – and how to deal with it
How to respond to complaints in a way that will diffuse the situation rather than fan the flames

Managing your brand and online reputation doesn’t have to be a time sucking, profit-killing endeavor.  Simply by putting a few tools to work for you – and by educating your team about proper responses – you can go a long way toward the kind of reputation management it takes to ensure a solid business foundation well into the future.page_break

Look, I know it’s scary to think about this stuff. But let me tell you, it’s even scarier NOT to think about it, because sooner or later, you will experience a devastating reputation disaster. If you’re prepared, you’ll walk away with a few minor scrapes and a stronger knowledge of who you are and what your business represents. If not, the damage will be far more extensive – not to mention costly.

Start Managing Your Reputation, Rather Than Letting it Manage YOU!

Do yourself a favor and plan ahead. A few hours’ investment could mean the difference between a thriving business and one that barely makes ends meet. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take thriving any day!

ORMIf you are ready to take control of your reputation, then it’s time you order this training course TODAY!

For Only $47, you get….

  • Four  Training Workbooks Covering Each Module— packed with basic but specific knowledge about the steps you need to take
  • 10 Page Checklist — to help you make sure you’ve taken every step
  • BONUS Handout — “Creating a Branded Facebook Business Page
  • Insider tips and resources — so you won’t have to spend months looking for the right tools

You read that right! …

ONLY $67
Sale $47


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