“Stop Leaving Your Sales and Profits to Chance and Find the Hidden Cash in YOUR Kindle Books!”

Whether you’re a new Kindle author or have a few publications under your belt, one thing is certain: You can always use more sales by learning how to publish a book on kindle.

Some people make it look easy, don’t they?

How to Publish a Kindle BookThey announce a new Kindle book today, and by tomorrow it’s at the top of the bestseller list. The day after that, it’s been downloaded thousands of times and the author is boasting an amazing 5-figure month – just from Kindle!

If that’s not how your Kindle sales go, then keep reading, because there’s something you need to know about those super-successful authors…

True Kindle Success – And The Money That Goes With It – Takes Careful Planning And Lots Of Prep Work

That’s not how it looks, of course, but the truth is, successful publishing requires that a lot of moving parts all come together seamlessly.

And if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can feel chaotic and pointless and more than a little frustrating!

If you’re like me, you know just how that feels. You think you’ve got it all together and you hit the publish button, only to end up disappointed and maybe even a little broke.

Or perhaps you’ve yet to publish your first book, but you’ve heard the horror stories from others whose books sank like a stone, never to sell more than a handful of copies. Maybe the best advice you could get as a new author is…

Don’t Waste Your Time, Energy, And Writing Talent On A
Book That Won’t Make You Money!

Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t publish on Kindle. Quite the opposite!

Kindle is still the number one way to get your book into the hands of your ideal reader. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t require the level of control (and formatting nightmares) that a print book needs, and with a Kindle device in the hands of millions of readers, it’s easily the top distribution channel for ebooks.

But beyond the words you’ve so lovingly and painstakingly put on the virtual page, you have to also create a solid marketing and monetization plan if you hope to be successful. And that’s where “Kindle Profits Treasure Map: Discover the Hidden Cash in YOUR Books” comes in.

This four module course is designed to take you step-by-step through the planning process and right through your launch and beyond, so you can be sure to take advantage of every opportunity for promotion and sales. Not only will we cover building a buzz around your book, but we’ll also go into the nitty-gritty details of things like formatting (screw this up and you’ll get nothing but bad reviews), list building (critical for future sales), launch parties and more.

Module One-Divider

Planning Your Kindle Book Funnel

We all know what a sales funnel is and why it’s important for our online (or offline!) business. So why do we ignore this critical step when we think about Kindle publishing?

In module one, we’ll dig right in and get to the nitty-gritty of setting up your funnel, including…

  • How a fantastic funnel helps buyers overcome even their greatest objections – and it does it all on autopilot!
  • How the phases of your launch coincide with your funnel – I’ve even included a handy reference chart with top launch strategies for you to follow.
  • 9 critical first steps that must happen before you release your book – including one you’ve probably never considered
  • 10 ways to keep the party going – literally!
  • 4 things you must know about your Amazon author page – including how to totally mess it up (hint: don’t “think about that later” – do it now)
  • How and where to encourage readers to join your mailing list – if you do nothing else, this is the one thing you must take away from this course.
  • 13 ways one successful author sets himself apart from the thousands of wannabes on Kindle – and how you can do the very same thing with your book
  • How to seamlessly connect the dots and maintain the branding between your book, your website, your social media accounts and more – this important step will help create a powerful online presence
  • How to introduce interactivity into your website to form an instant connection with your audience.

Among other things, Module 1 makes it clear that careful planning is critical to your success. By the time you’ve worked through this first part, you’ll be well on your way to better Kindle profits, but first, you must ensure you have a solid sales system in place.

Module 2 will get you started.


Design Your 24-7 Kindle Book Sales System

Ready to upload your book? Stop!

Before you make another move, lets ensure your business is ready to take advantage of all the opportunities available to Kindle authors. In module 2, we’ll cover…

  • 6 links that belong in every Kindle book you publish – including on that might surprise you.
  • 3 reasons to link to other people’s products or services – the majority of new authors get this dead wrong!
  • The must-have postscript every book needs – this is your key to future sales, so don’t skip this one!
  • 2 creative ways to pair YouTube with Kindle to grow your audience and make more sales.
  • How to create videos to promote your fiction book – (hint: you’ll want to think like the big boys for this one!)
  • 4 tips for to position your video better in the search results – including one you may not have considered
  • How to create a meaningful special offer to go along with your launch – and how to ensure it resonates with your audience
  • Why your book needs its own newsletter – and what type of content you must share, lest you risk annoying your most loyal fans
  • How to use Facebook groups to promote your book and get valuable feedback from readers

Having a solid monetization plan will ensure you don’t end up like a lot of Kindle authors: overworked and sorely underpaid. Follow the steps in module 2, and you’ll be off to a good start, and ready to tackle the next phase…


Money-Up Your Kindle Book for More Cash Now AND Later

  • The single most important aspect of your monetization strategy – miss this, and you might as well ignore everything else we’ve covered
  • 5 tips for better, more concise writing – master these and your readers will love you!
  • How to systematically edit your book and add the necessary monetization components – following this step-by-step plan will ensure you miss nothing
  • The one part of your book you should never do yourself – and what to do if you absolutely must
  • An 8-point checklist for getting the most out of your new book – including tips and tools you can use to complete each step
  • Your quick-start guide to using MS Word to format your Kindle book – and how to avoid the most common errors that will trip you up
  • Recommended font and paragraph settings for easy reading and a truly professional look
  • How to correctly create a table of contents
  • How to spot potential upsell opportunities in your book

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’re in the home stretch now! Coming up in module 4, we’re going to work on actual launch strategies that create a lasting impact.


Launch Your Kindle Book for the Greatest Impact and Profit

If you’ve ever watched a book launch from the outside, it probably looked effortless. Everything appeared to run as smooth as glass, but the truth is, a lot of planning goes into a launch that goes off like clockwork.

In module 4, we’ll create all the necessary parts, including…

  • 5 ways to build excitement on your home turf – and that includes making sure your website has that “lived in” feeling well ahead of time
  • How to create and use a launch calendar that will help you keep everything organized and stress free
  • 20 pre-launch tasks that will help ensure a successful career as a Kindle author
  • How to take advantage of Amazon’s “free” days to catapult your book to stardom
  • The one directory you can’t afford to ignore when promoting your book
  • Who (and when) to thank for their help – and who you should never mention
  • How to ensure your NEXT launch is even better than this one
  • How to garner reviews to help build anticipation
  • 4 places where you must submit press releases – including one most people ignore

Whew! That’s a lot to get done! But throughout module 4, I’ve included notes and suggestions for getting help when and where you need it most. You don’t have to do all this alone, but with the steps laid out for you, you’ll have a much easier time delegating.

And once the work is done, it’s time to celebrate!

This course also comes with 10 VALUABLE WORKSHEETS to help you make the most out of getting your book published.

But Wait!!!  As a BONUS I am gifting you with the following to
help you get that book written. :-)

  • eBook – “How to Write Your Book in 30 Days” – All in just 4 simple steps.
  • eBook – “Self Publishing a Book – 10 Things You Must Know”
  • “Self Publishing a Book the Easy Way” –  Checklist
  • A Handy Kindle Planning Worksheet
  • How to Self-Publish Your Content For Amazon’s Kindle – Checklist

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If you would like to purchase the bonuses separately you can do so in the Learning Library.

Kindle Profit Treasure Map & Bonuses ALL for…..
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Your Next Kindle Book CAN Bring In More Profits And Prestige – This Training  Course Will Show You How!

Yes, you can be one of those sensational superstar authors boasting of bestsellerdom. A little planning, a touch or preparation, and a well-written book is all it takes.

And once you’ve claimed your status as a published author, you’ll find more and more doors opening automatically. So what are you waiting for? Discover the hidden cash in YOUR Kindle books today!




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