You are a woman on a mission to do the work you love.

You’re a heart-centered, soul-powered, fierce seeker of freedom. You make your own rules. You’re committed to doing it your way. And nothing is going to stop you from designing the business you really want to have; one that supports the life you want to live (and know deep-down) you deserve.

You Divine one, are born to succeed.

Your determination has led you down many paths – coaching, training programs, workshops, live events – and you’ve learned something about being in business (and yourself) from everything you’ve invested in.

But you’ve bought into the shortcuts, secrets and tricks, and wondering why the heck they don’t work for you?

I want you to know there’s not a single thing wrong with you. The methods are wrong for you.

What if short cuts were simple detours to disguise? What if (as Seth Godin says) it’s better to commit to wading instead of plunging? What if your fastest and most rewarding path to a business you absolutely love, is taking the tried and true stead course alongside women who got your back?

Oh sweet Jesus, I think your onto something!

The truth is, building a business you love and one you can be proud of; means you’ve got to do what’s right for you.

  • Trust your intuition
  • Make smart decisions
  • Get into action (that’s where the magic happens)
  • And stop trying to do it alone already!

Because entrepreneurship can feel downright lonely and isolating at times.


Imagine a tribe of like-minded women who care about you and generously support your success (and you theirs).

Imagine having trusted confidantes to bounce ideas off of (instead of your ‘significant other’ and friends that just don’t ‘get’ what you do).

Imagine hopping of the sidelines and taking leaps in your business that actually get results (no more looky-loo watching and wishing).

AND imagine being part of a group of women who want to collaborate and co-create with you!

You may have just found your new tribe of authentic women.

When you have business girlfriends, you go further, rise higher and have an amazing time doing it.


For women in business who are service based professionals: coaches, consultants, trainers, authors, virtual assistants, project manager, web designers, graphic artists (you get the idea) – if you provide a service (full-time, part-time or just starting out), this is your tribe.

A place to feel supported while you grow your business. A place to be yourself, explore your wildest dreams, create awesomeness and fulfill your purpose.

It’s part accountability, part coaching, part how-to, part get-it done. It’s part spiritual and intuitive, part practical & tactical.

And it’s a whole lot of ‘do it your way’. It’s a place to work on your business in bite-sized pieces, (goodbye overwhelm).

There’s nothing else out there like this! I looked. And couldn’t find it. So I created it for you.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this community of amazingly talented women:

Weekly Business & Marketing Strategies
We start every week with a business or marketing strategy.  Some are shorter than others, but all are designed with true business growth in mind.  These will show how to blend your brilliance, strengths, skill, passions and dazzling talent into your business, allowing you to take your new found knowledge, talent and expertise and create your business to your liking.
(Value: $300)

Monthly “How-To” Training
Every month, I will teach on a specific business topic. This will be pitch-free, pure ‘how-to’, that will give you what you need to implement into your business immediately.

With this training – you get a …

  • detailed workbook to help you along the way
  • handy checklist so you don’t forget any of the training steps
  • an actionable plan to help you in your business.

Branding, message, product & service creation, pricing, marketing, selling, speaking, money, coaching, lifestyle. If it’s business or YOU related, we’ll cover it.
(Value: $500)

And because at the heart of everything we do in the Inner Circle is about connection, collaboration, and co-creation, we’re providing….

Done-for-You Growth Calendar
These calendars are specific to the monthly topic.

Opportunities to Collaborate

We’re crafting ways to feature our members, so watch for the call to participate – we promise it will be fun.
(Value: $300)

VIP Access
You’ll be the first to now when new products, services or events are released – and be the first in line with crazy good perks and savings.

And as a member, you’ll get preferred pricing if you decide to work privately with me -Suni.
(Value: $1,000+)

24/7 Support
We and your fellow Inner Circle members, are in the secret Facebook group anytime you have a question, need feedback on an idea, want to celebrate something, or just need support in the moment. We’re here for you! (Value: Priceless)

Easily a $2,100+ Value

As a Founding Member, you can join us for ONLY $27 a month! I know…crazy right??

And it will remain $27 for as long as you’re part of the community. Forever. (Although, if you cancel and re-join, it will be whatever the current member fees are at that time).



You’ll be part of a community of uber-talented, gifted, smart, adventurous, freedom-seeking women in business, courageously building their dreams in real-time just like you.

  • You’ll build confidence in yourself and your business prowess.
  • You’ll learn to be yourself – unapologetically and wholeheartedly.
  • You’ll feel part of something bigger than yourself and feel alive for it.
  • You’ll have opportunities to showcase your talents and connect with potential clients.

Support <> Accountability <> Connection <> Collaboration <> Coaching <> Training <> Unstoppable Momentum

Here is what members are learning this month…

Every business has some type of leak in it.  By leak I mean, YOU ARE LOOSING MONEY!  This month we are learning the FIXES for finding all your lost profits.

In this training, we cover the following steps:

  • Step 1: Preparing for Success
  • Step 2: Set up a Reliable Autoresponder
  • Step 3: Outsourcing Your Business
  • Step 4: The First Serious Leak – Your Free Incentive
  • Step 5: Re-evaluate Your Products and Packages
  • Step 6: Create an Affiliate Program
  • Step 7: Provide Superb Customer Service
  • Step 8: Themes and Consistency
  • Step 9: Minimizing and Managing your Expenses
  • Step 10: Tracking your Sales

This training alone is worth well over $27.

Join us as a Founding Member for $27 a month! All for just pennies a day.

See you inside,




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