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How to Write Your Book in 30 Days (or less)

You’ve heard all the marketing out there about getting recognition in your industry as a great way to grow your business and it’s a well known fact that publishing a book is the best way to get your name out there. More often than not, it’s the preparation work that has you procrastinating on getting this idea published. With this toolkit you get a comprehensive guide book on how to create your book in 30 days, an eBook – “Self Publishing a Book – 10 Things You Must Know”, a “Self Publishing a Book the Easy Way” –  Checklist,  a Handy Kindle Planning Worksheet, and a How to Self-Publish Your Content For Amazon’s Kindle – template.

COST: $23.00


ringspiralbinder (6)How to Write a Sales Letter That SELLS Big!

It’s one thing to write a Sales Letter: It’s another thing entirely to write a Sales Letter that sells big. This marketing guide will help you go beyond the obvious. It will help you understand the small tweaks and secrets to writing Sales Letters that smash the success barriers… (in this guide) are all the tools for you to use!  This includes a training workbook and checklist.

COST: $12.00

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