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“Stop Stressing Over Keeping Your
Client Roster Full!”

Discover the proven tactics that will help you build a solid foundation of clients you love to work with, and who will return to you again and again…

Dear Virtual Service Provider: You didn’t think it would by this hard, did you? When you opened your virtual doors, you had a dream of working from home, maybe while the kids were at school or napping, setting your own rates and schedule, and kissing the corporate world goodbye. But then reality sets in, and yo discover that finding clients – good ones who pay, anyway – is a lot more difficult that you thought it would be. Competition is tough, and people balk at your prices. Pretty soon, you’re frustrated with the whole thing and ready to check it all and just get a JOB already? Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this way! Here’s the truth. You CAN build a thriving virtual service business, work with clients you love (and who PAY on time) on projects that excite you, and still have plenty of family time. But first you have to stop saying to yourself…

Playful shy woman hiding face laughing“I Don’t Have Time to Find New Clients!”

Sadly, this is a pretty common dilemma for virtual service provider. You’ve probably experienced it yourself. You take on a lot of work (Yay!) and get super busy, make all kinds of money, and then… NOTHING. It all dries up. Why? Because you failed to carve out some time when you were busy to put out feelers for new clients. When you walk until the well has run dry, it’s much more difficult to find new work. Not only are you stressed out, but you also run the risk of becoming ambivalent, and just  not caring if you find a new client or not. That’s the first step toward closing your virtual doors! In “Finding and Landing Clients for Your Virtual Professional Business”, I’ll show you how to set up systems that allow you to continue to look for clients even when you’re busy, so you’ll never again face an empty schedule! But I can hear you right now crying….

“But I’m too Shy for Sales!”

Let me tell you, it’s a rare person who doesn’t feel that way. In fact, if you weren’t saying that, I’d be shocked. There’s reason you work online, after all, and it’s not because you’re the most outgoing person in the world! Here’ s the reality, though: Once you build a magnetic website (I’ll show you how) and put some systems in place (templates included), landing new customers will be as simple as copy/paste. It’s all about figuring out what works – and I’ve already done that part – and then simply repeating it over and over again. You do have to remember, though, that …

ringbinderstanding (4)Marketing Methods that Worked a Year Ago Aren’t Effective Anymore

Ask anyone who built a business on Adsense or article marketing, and they;ll tell you the same thing. Everything changes, and for online businesses, it can change faster than you can keep up. That’s why you need to find out what’s working right now – today – so you can implement it immediately. Seriously, if you’re still trying to use tactics you learned last year or even last month, chances are they’re just not as effective as they once were. I’ll show you what’s working right now for virtual professionals just like you, so you can stop wasting time and energy on techniques that simply don’t produce results. It’s all part of working smarter, because like I said a few minutes ago, “Time is money!”

An Easy-to-Follow Plan

Of course none of that does you one bit of good if you don’t know what you should be doing next. That’s why I’ve layed out a simple plan in an easy-to-use format. This recorded webinar and accompanying transcript provides all the tools and techniques you need, including 4 modules:

Here’s Just A Sampling Of What I’ll Walk You Through IN DETAIL In This Course…

Are You Ready to Build a GREAT Business as a Virtual Service Provider?Grab a seat for this informative and inspirational recordings and step-by-step transcript, along with printable guides and checklists. It might just mean the difference between a so-so business you dread waking up to, and a thriving online enterprise you love.Only $57.00  – yes, you read that right :-) So don’t delay. Start building a rock-solid virtual service business today by attracting and landing clients you love, and who will pay you well to do the work you enjoy.

Module 1:  Getting Your Business Up to Speed

The first step in attracting more clients is to make sure you’re really ready for them. That begins with a full business audit. I’ve outlined all the steps for you in this module.

The 3 questions you must ask – and answer – before you can even start
The one thing that will ensure you love both your business and your clients.
The right way to determine pricing – and why an introductory offer can be both a blessing and a curse.
How to make sure your client’s expectations match your services
4 critical points you should include in every contract – plus 2 important considerations.
How and why to create a client intake form – you’ll need this later!
How to track your time – plus a handy worksheet to help you stay focused.
The number one way to get more clients – and most service providers don’t do it!
3-point checklist to help you determine where to focus your services.

You can see that Module 1 is all about laying the groundwork. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to confidently move on to Module 2, where we’ll cover the true secrets of client attraction.

Module 2:   Making Sure Your Business is a Client Magnet

How to set your website up for maximum effectiveness – including a case study of a successful VAs site, including 8 factors that work for her.
How to save time by preparing for client inquiries ahead of time.
4 “must have” items in your client kit – plus tips on where to keep it so it’s always handy.
How to handle in-person networking, including 4 things you should have with you at all times.
How to replace that canned “elevator speech” with a 6-second mission statement that really works.
9 ways to find new clients – these are not yesterdays tips, but solid advice that works TODAY.

Now that you’ve got your website all spiffed up and ready for traffic and you’ve prepared your resources and advertising materials, it’s time to get down to business and start promoting.

Module 3: Promoting Your Business and Turning it Into a Referral Machine

This really isn’t as hard as it looks – especially if you’ve diligently done the work in the first two modules. Really, it’s all about doing a great job (you already to that!) and simply asking. But there are a few tips to keep in mind…

The most common mistake serious providers make – and how it can ruin your business.
the 1 question you have to answer before you begin promoting – and the answer might surprise you!
4 Ways you can grow your business without working harder
6 factors that effect how you price your services – and why it’s better to overcharge than UNDER charge.
How to create alternative “services” that don’t require your time.
How to build a mailing list – an essential asset for any business, and one that’s often overlooked.
How to know when to pass on a client – even if you need the work.
 5 ways to ask for referrals – even if you think you’re too shy or introverted.

For most service providers, a stable of happy clients and word-of-mouth advertising is going to keep your business going strong. But sometimes, you run into trouble. That’s what Module 4 is all about.

Module 4:  Troubleshooting Your Business

So you’ve done everything I’ve recommended and busienss is good. There are still a few lessons to learn such as…

Why “stability” is  not always a good thing – and a case study to illustrate the dangers.
2 critical factors for keeping current clients happy – and one point many service providers forget (but which is just as important)
5 ways to deal with difficulties – having a plan in place before a blow-up makes trouble much less stressful!
4 ways to position yourself to grow with your clients – so you don’t run the risk of obsolescence!
How to know when it’s time to cut a client loose – and why that might just be the best decision you could ever make.

Businesses grow and change – and yours will, too. Module 4 is all about making the most of those changes so your business can continue to thrive.

 Are You Ready to Build a Great Business as a Virtual Service Provider?

VA-Clients-CoverGrab a seat for this informative step-by-step printable guides and checklists. It might just mean the difference between a so-so business you dread waking up to, and a thriving online enterprise you love.

In this home study mastery class, you will receive

  • Four Modules — packed with basic but specific knowledge to help you land the clients you need
  • Time Tracking and Productivity Daily Worksheet & a Handy Client Information Sheet you can edit to fit your business needs.
  • 7 Page Checklist — to help you make sure you’ve taken every step you need to succeed.
  • **BONUS Report –  10 Ways to Land the Client of Your Dreams


So don’t delay. Start building a rock-solid virtual service business today by attracting and landing clients you love, and who will pay you well to do the work you enjoy.

Warmly, Suni Taylor

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