holiday readyIt may seem like common sense to tell you to make sure your promotions are front and center on your website but it might surprise you to note that a lot of marketers do not think about keeping focus on their current promotions. They launch, then they get sidelined.

There is no point in having a seasonal promotion if you are not going to highlight it on your site. If you run a PPC campaign, sending visitors to your site but your promotion is hidden you are wasting your efforts. Whenever you are running any type of promotion, it should be apparent within the first couple of seconds of visiting your website or blog.

Your blog posts, your article marketing efforts, and your content focus should all be about whatever your current promotion is. This will help you in a couple of ways: One, it will help you write content because you know where your focus should be and Two, visitors will not have to guess what you want them to do because your call to action will be clear.

In addition,  if your marketing efforts are all focused on your current promotions and your promotions are focused on the needs of your customers, you have a dynamic that makes it almost irresistible for your site visitors and will turn more visitors to actual buying customers. The reasons are because no one has to guess what you want them to do, and you have studied your target market enough to know what products and information they want and need.

The Art of Seasonal Marketing

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