“Discover the Proven Seasonal Marketing Strategies Big Businesses Use to Attract Customers, Increase Sales,
and Improve Profit Margins”

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

ringbinderstanding_800x657When it comes to retail sales, the holy grail of profits and income is the holiday shopping season. You’ve probably attended some of the high-profile sales, been attracted to the glitzy commercials, and been swept away by the emotions and sentimentality of the season. The result of which is a parting of your money from your wallet.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use those same seasonal marketing strategies in your online business? Imagine a hoard of hungry customers crowding around your virtual doors on “Cyber Monday.” What would that do to your bottom line? What if you could easily encourage visitors to spend more through strategic seasonal tactics just like the big retailers have done for years?

Now you can. I’ll show you my step-by-step process for planning and implementing your very own seasonal marketing campaigns designed to bring more customers to your door and more cash to your bank account.

Not a Retailer? No Problem!

Seasonal marketing may once have been the exclusive territory of a handful of retail giants, but now it’s  easy and fun for every online business to take part. Whether you sell scented candles to the public or offer virtual assistant services to coaches and authors, you can (and should) use seasonal marketing to grow your business.

Of course, your season of choice doesn’t have to be Christmas. After all, you don’t want your small business to be lost in the crush of massive sales. But there are dozens, maybe hundreds of seasons and events and lifestyle happenings that easily lend themselves to a well-planned marketing campaign.

In Seasonal Marketing for Online Businesses, I’ll walk you through the process of finding the right events and seasons to use when promoting your business. I’ll show you my top-secret lists of awareness days and months that you can use to customize your campaign, and even give you pointers for a DIY holiday made to your unique specifications.

It’s All in the Planning

Holiday MarketingLook, I’m not going to lead you down a primrose path, here. Seasonal marketing takes a lot of work and a lot of planning, but the payoff can be fantastic. There’s a reason those big retailers pin all their profit forecasts on the few short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, after all, and many of them spend the entire rest of the year planning for that tiny timeframe.

You don’t have to put quite that much effort into your events, though. I’ll show you how to quickly pull together a marketing calendar that will enable you to see and plan your campaigns throughout the year and into the future. We’ll cover developing an editorial calendar to coincide with your marketing strategies, chosing the best holidays and events for your small business, and more, including

  • Reverse Timelines – because if you don’t begin your promotions at the right time, you’ll fail before you even get started.
  • Testing and Tweaking – with a handy checklist to make sure every part of your campaign is up and running before you open to the public.
  • Marketing Basics – like knowing exactly who your ideal customer is, because when you build your plan for her, you simply cannot fail.

But that’s just the beginning…

Have Fun with It!

Planning and work aside, seasonal marketing campaigns are a great deal of fun. Your customers will love seeing something different and unusual from you, and you’ll enjoy having a unique project to work on. To get you started, I’ve put together a list of useful tips for promotions that will work regardless of your business model, including

  • How to design lucrative affiliate promotions, and why a well-equipped and motivated sales army is your key to long-term success.
  • How to get your customers to do your advertising for you, and why they’ll jump at the chance!

When it comes to setting up seasonal marketing campaigns, fun is the name of the game, and these are just two of the ideas you’ll uncover in The Art of Seasonal Marketing.

Everything You Need to Put Together a Spectacular Holiday
– or ANY Day – Season

holiday readyThis quick-read, step-by-step training gives you everything you need to get started in seasonal marketing. It covers things like:

  •  Idea generation – Because there’s more to life than Christmas and Easter
  •  How to test your promotions  – because repeating a losing campaign is a recipe for disaster! 
  •  9 ideas every online business can use – no matter what your business model is.
  •  How to get free publicity –  just by paying attention to the media. 
  •  How to set your business apart from the crowd with unusual campaigns – and 5 places to uncover unique events you can use in your own seasonal marketing plans.

You’ll also quickly learn how to spot profitable seasons in any niche with just a few simple tools, like: 

  •  Search engines – Google tracks everything, and I’ll show you exactly where to find the information you need.
  •  Social media – Learn how to mine that valuable data for profitable trends in your niche. 
  •  Your own television – Learn how simply paying attention to this and other media can uncover a gold mine of valuable ideas.

Stop letting Christmas and the other holidays pass your online business by. Grab a piece of that action with this easy-to-follow system of seasonal marketing. Even if the big retail holidays aren’t a good fit for your business, even if you’ve tried seasonal campaigns in the past with little success, even if you think your business just doesn’t fit the mold – you owe it to yourself and your future to learn these valuable and profitable techniques.

These are the same strategies huge retail giants around the world use to rock their sales during their busiest seasons – whether that’s Christmas or back-to-school. And I’m going to show you how they’ll work for you, too.If you think that sounds too good to be true, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, but just in case, you’ll be glad to know about my
So grab a copy and start planning your seasonal marketing campaign today. Soon you’ll have a crowd of customers clamoring outside your virtual doors. Your credibility and authority will soar, and so will your profits!  Just click on the button below to get started today!


The Art of Seasonal Marketing
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 YES! I really want to learn more about building a successful and profitable business through seasonal marketing!

Seasonal-MarketingPlease send me my copy of “The Art of Seasonal Marketing” right now so I can learn how other marketers just like me are using this powerful technique to build a better business.

I understand your Special Report includes information about: 

  • Planning my campaigns – and how to avoid getting lost in the Christmas crowd
  • Innovative advertising strategies – and why sometimes it’s better to avoid the holiday crush
  • Developing a long-term marketing calendar – And how keeping good track of what works today is essential to building a profitable campaign tomorrow
  • Real world examples of marketing strategies that worked – because theory is great, but I need to know how it’s really done!
  • Techniques for getting my message out – and how to repurpose my current content for a new campaign!

But most of all, “The Art of Seasonal Marketing” will save me from wasting months of time and untold amounts of money learning the ins and outs of seasonal marketing by trial and error. Instead, I’ll learn the tried and true techniques used by other successful business owners quickly and easily from this one detailed report.

Here is everything you get in this training:

  1. The Art of Seasonal Marketing Training Guide
  2. Step-by-Step Action Plan to Market Your Business this Holiday Season
  3. A Guided Accelerator Blueprint
  4. Checklist – So You Don’t Miss ANYTHING!!

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Yes, You Read that RIGHT!!!!  Only $37

I guarantee that once you read my guide and get started planning your seasonal marketing campaigns, you’ll be just as excited as I am about seasonal marketing. You’ll see how it can help build your credibility, your authority, and your profits – while bringing more customers to your door! 

Best of all, The Art of Seasonal Marketing gives you…

  • Done-For-You Themes You Can Use Again and Again
  • Repeat Customers Who Come Looking for Your Special Promotions Year After Year
  • A Hungry Market Ready to Snap Up Nearly Every Offer
  • A Sense of Urgency in Every Campaign to Encourage Customers to Buy Now, While They Still Can

…and best of all, with proper timing and execution, you can profit from the work other businesses are putting into their own campaigns!

Of course, all this takes some planning and some work, but by downloading The Art of Seasonal Marketing, you’re already ahead of your competition! I’m giving you everything you need to plan and execute your seasonal marketing campaign.. So what are you waiting for? Christmas?

To your Seasonal Marketing Success, 

Suni Taylor

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